Tests Without the Stress

Spend your time writing features, not tests.

Why Mock All The Things?

Tired of writing and refactoring unit tests? Does it take longer to get your tests to behave than to actually write your features? Mock All The Things solves these problems and more. With just a single command, you can create rich integration tests from your application's real traffic. All dependencies of your application are mocked automatically.

What we offer

Mock All The Things lets you create integration and load tests with a single command. No more messing with mocks of your dependencies - our intelligent algorithm automatically creates any necessary mocks, no matter how complex your microservice architecture.

Mock All The Things integrates easily with all CI/CD providers such as Travis CI. Simply copy one of our provided scripts into your repository and call it during the testing phase of your build. Our systems handle the heavy lifting and send you back the test results.

Optimize the performance of your applications under real traffic conditions. Mock All The Things can perform load tests of unsurpassed accuracy on your application, while safely isolating the tests from your application's dependencies.